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How are you guys doing on your #26Acts? I'm seriously itching to know. Please do come back and share your stories. It's not about bragging or feeling good about yourself. It's about encouraging and inspiring other people to join in. I have heard some incredible stories about people all over the country (and world) spreading this pay-it-forward idea like wildfire. I've put a few links below to the news coverage that has blown me away. I love that this wave of kindness is starting to overshadow the hate and bickering. Love does win, you guys.

In case you're having a hard time thinking of ways you can participate, I've made a list of inspiration. Most of these come from the stories I've heard about what other people have already done. You don't have to be a certain kind of person to do this. You just have to be willing to go out of your way. Do it! I'm on Act #6 today and having so much fun!

1. Buy lunch/coffee/whatever for the person behind you in line. Ask them to do the same for someone else.

2. Think about how cold it is outside, and imagine what that might be like for someone without a home. Buy a few $5 gift cards to Starbucks or a local coffee shop. Then, hit the streets and hand them out to people you see.

3. Go through your closets and give away anything you haven't worn in the last 12 months. Be brutal. If you want a more personal interaction, take one of your extra coats and give it to the first homeless person you see on the street. Look them in the eye and wish them a Merry Christmas. Make sure they know where the nearest shelter and food pantry are located before you leave. Drive them to it if you think it's wise.

4. Ask your local school if they know of children that don't have proper winter coats. Buy some new ones and deliver them to the school.

5. Volunteer an afternoon at a soup kitchen or shelter. Bring your kids!

6. Write 26 letters to active military and/or veterans.

7. Deliver homemade treats to your neighbors. Stay and chat with each one. I can attest that this can be the beginning of sweet friendships.

8. Visit your local VA and deliver Christmas cards with a note and a gift card to wounded veterans.

9. Deliver toys and treats to a shelter housing children and families.

10. Bring a warm drink to the person ringing the Salvation Army bell outside the store in which you were just shopping.

11. Ask for the tab of the table(s) near you at a restaurant. Have the waiter/waitress put a note in their billfold explaining #26Acts and asking them to pay it forward.

12. Drop off 26 cans/bags of food to your local food bank.

13. Purchase gas gift cards and put them on windshields of cars in your parking lot with a note.

14. Ask your pastor about families in the church struggling to make ends meet. Find out how you can help. Then, do it.

15. Coordinate with your local retirement/assisted living home and bring meals/gifts to home-bound seniors. Stay and talk with them a while.

16. Coordinate with your local children's hospital to bring gift cards to patients and their families.

17. Ask your church or school if there are any exchange or international students without family for the holidays. Invite them to spend it with yours.

18. Call a restaurant in Newtown and pay for the next 5 pizzas/meals/drinks ordered.

19. Give your waiter/waitress/valet/massage therapist/doorman a HUGE tip and thank them for what they do.

20. Write your child's principal/teacher a note thanking them for investing in kids.

21. Deliver a meal to a family or friend who's sick.

22. Ask someone at the gas station if you can buy their gas and pump it for them.

23. Pay for the groceries of someone in front of or behind you in line.

24. As you fly for the holidays, find uniformed soldiers and buy them a beer or a meal. At the least, look them in the eye and shake their hand.

25. Deliver cookies to your local fire/police department. Thank them for keeping us safe.

26. Write 26 encouraging notes and put them on car windshields.

I could seriously go on and on and on, you guys. There are SO MANY ways you can join in. Just start with one! Please come back here and share more ideas and how you're doing your #26Acts.

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  1. My sweet Michelle! I wanted to include my kids in reaching out to the Newtown community, so we made snowflakes per the request of the Sandy Hook PTA. They're making the new school into a winter wonderland for the kids' return, so we spent yesterday cutting and crafting (unfortunately during a low-level lockdown). I'm taking the box to Albuquerque to glitter and bling them up before sending them off.

    Love you and miss you,

    1. LOVE it, Kris. So important to teach the kiddos about giving to others and being a part of something bigger than themselves. Can't imagine the conversations teachers like you have had to have with their students... Love you and what you do.

  2. Yesterday, looking like a hobo (as I generally do on any given Saturday), I trekked through the unnamed Super Store to fill my basket with a ridiculous amount of food for our Christmas celebration. I could not bring my favorite shopping girl with me (sad), so with her on my mind, I decided it was appropriate to get started on my #26Acts.

    I was almost finished checking out when an older gentleman got in line behind me and asked the clerk where the gift cards were. He asked about dollar amounts and could he get $25 for his grandchildren. Jumping at the opportunity, I started a conversation with him. We had a couple laughs together and I thought about bringing him home and adopting him as my own Gpa.

    I was just about to add this sweet man’s card to my bill when he told the clerk that he wanted 5 gift cards for $25 and 2 for $15. Oof! Not in my budget for today. Disappointed, I wished him a Merry Christmas as we exchanged a few last kind words and smiles. Then he said, “Merry Christmas to you, too. You have a beautiful personality.” I chuckled and thanked him.

    Pushing my loot towards the door, I looked back over my shoulder. I am pretty sure I saw him tweeting: #26Acts – She looked like a hobo, so I told her she had a beautiful personality…

    Blessings happen on both sides of #26Acts. Still working on #1. :0)

    1. Ha! Hilarious, mom! Striking up a conversation with him totally counts as your #1. Most of us don't do even that anymore. Thanks for joining in! And for the record you do have a beautiful personality. :)

  3. Act# 10:
    I ran into Target yesterday and on my way out, I surprised a young women with a donation and my personal favorite made especially for her – Starbucks Grande Peppermint Mocha with whip cream, extra hot for a cold day. She is in rehab ( Holding the cup, she could not stop grinning. Loved that!

  4. Act# 21:
    Ummm…my favorite daughter is sick, but she lives too far away (1265 miles) for me to take her a warm meal (sad). So Pizza Hut became my #26Acts buddy and is delivering dinner to her in a few minutes. Yay for online pizza orders! Hope she feels better soon! ♥

  5. Act# 20 (modified because my kids are grown and are teaching adults how to be better human beings)

    I am still on vacation and loving every single minute of it. Today, I spent an hour of New Year’s Eve doing my household shopping at Target. When the checker handed me my (very long) receipt, I thanked her for working today so that those of us that had the day off could have the opportunity to take care of our errands. When she got up off the floor, she thanked me ‘for being so lovely’. …again…I chuckled…

    Here’s what #26Acts is teaching me: At first, people are stunned. Then, they look at you with a sparkle in their eye and respond with their own kind words or act of kindness. How cool is THAT??!! Human nature can be a reflection of what is modeled. Christ is the ultimate model. We are blessed when we follow His example.

  6. Act# 19 It wasn't HUGE, but...
    As I headed into the office on my first day back to work after the New Year, I treated myself to a free extra hot Grande Peppermint Mocha w/ whip. Yes, I have been collecting those stickers each time I bought a 'Holiday Drink' during the Christmas season. The Starbucks Barista took my sticker book and was going to send me on my way with a smile. I handed her the $5 that I would have paid for my drink and asked her to put it in her tip box. She looked at me like I was crazy. I smiled and said, "Happy New Year!" She sent me on my way with an enthusiastic "Happy New Year to you too!" and a really great smile. I have another sticker book that is full. And another $5 tip handy... :)


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