The Year of Why Not?

You can read more about the birth of The Year of Why Not? here. The short version is that, at the start of 2012, I decided fear, discomfort and self-consciousness and/or self-doubt are terrible excuses to avoid trying something new. The goal here is to live life as if we were doing it on purpose. For entirely too long, I reacted to life and hid from the things that would make me feel weak. The Year of Why Not? showed me how to run head-on toward the things I'm afraid of or at which I don't think I would excel. In general, my life has been really safe. I wanted some challenge. I wanted to pump some adrenaline back into my veins.

Click the links below to read about just a few of the stories and experiences that have come from asking why not? instead of why? The Year of Why Not? changed my life. More than just a resolution to live intentionally for 2013, I've changed the way I hope to live forever.

The Beginning: Why Not?

Leaders and Followers

Adventures in Arkansas

The Year of What Now?

Fear, You are Dismissed.

Travels: Bikes and Beaches

Chasing Joy: The Year of Why Not? wrap-up


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