about me

Hi, I'm Michelle! I'm a writer, marketer and adventure-seeker in Dallas with my head in the clouds and my eyes strained toward far horizons. I'm not content with the security that comes from having deep roots. I'm afraid of butterflies, seaweed and the dark. I trip a lot. Most of the time on my own feet.. sometimes on yours. I laugh at inappropriate times. I also cry at inappropriate times. I rarely feel closer to God than when I'm playing my guitar and singing in a room by myself. I'm discouraged by how little the average American (myself included) knows about victim groups in the world today, and I'm ready to spend my life hearing and telling their stories.

I'm married to a brilliant man who has grown into marriage in a stunning way. We met and married before my 21st birthday, and we've both changed a LOT since July 1, 2007. Our journey has been hard, beautiful and at times seemed hopeless, but there's no going back or giving up. This man is mine and I am his.