These are stories that are not always pleasant, but that I think are important to tell. My heart aches for those without a voice and for those trapped in a life of destruction, whether by choice or by force. I hope you'll read about a few of my friends here and remember that every person has a story to tell. We just have to ask, and then listen.

This is the story of a young man in Dallas who served his first stint in juvie at the fresh age of 14. He got out, messed up, and spent 10 months behind bars the second time around. But you'd never know that, looking at him today, a smile smeared across his face. He graduated from high school, wants to serve his country, and is doing everything he can to stay clean and to be a positive example for the other kids in his neighborhood.

my friends in the 'hood
My debut story about the community in South Dallas, the area's poorest neighborhood. I started writing as part of an assignment for my church leadership. But after a few trips south to interview community leaders, homeless folks and single moms, my life was changed forever.

victims of the big game
Human trafficking is an epidemic that is only now beginning to get the attention is deserves. Slavery is not something that died years ago with the Emancipation Proclamation. There are more slaves in the world today than there ever were during the peak of the slave trade of centuries past. And one of the highest grossing events for pimps and traffickers is the Super Bowl.

christmas mash-up
I've lost the ability to see someone as they are today. In this story, I watched a young man who had just spilled his drink all over me stagger out the door of the church on Christmas Eve, and all I could think about was that he was someone's brother, father, or son. And he was lost and alone.

justice for the congo
Do you know that there is a war going on that no one is talking about, with casualties quickly approaching that of the Holocaust? Men, women and children are being slain by the thousands, and we're just standing by.

the unknown
Adoption is in my bones. In this story, I talk about a little boy I met in Romania who ripped my heart to pieces and made me see the urgency and importance of adoption.

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