my summer vacation

Wow. This is my longest stretch of silence in a while. It's been an eventful summer and entry into fall with a lot of fun, excitement, trauma and road trips. To explain why I've been so quiet, I've put together the proof of my crazy summer vacation...

My parents helped us kick off the summer with a visit! As usual, they couldn't leave without buying us a major appliance. Thanks, you guys...

Next up was a visit from our friend Nicholas from Ghana. OK, we didn't actually know him to begin with, but he was our friend by the time he left. He was in town for a couple of weeks training at the Dallas Seminary, and we hosted him for a weekend and showed him how people party in America - playing putt-putt and laser tag. That's how people party, right?

Next came the wedding of the year! My BFF from TCU decided that Vegas was calling her name. So we piled in the car with my other BFF from TCU and her man and drove 1,534,976 miles to Las Vegas. Totally worth it. Did I mention BFF #1 was there to get married?!

Later in the summer, my man and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary. Twice. Once at the ballpark for a Rangers game with our Dallas gang, and once at a really fancy hotel (OK, it was a Marriott) sipping orange soda by the pool. We're so classy I can't stand it sometimes.

Somewhere in here, we had a pool party with some of our favorite kids (and their parents).


Next came my birthday and Rob's birthday. Again, we kept it very classy.

We then climbed back in the car and headed to New Braunfels to float the old Guadalupe river. We all escaped with only minor bumps and bruises and lots of fun memories.

Finally, the crescendo of our summer, we hopped on a plane and headed west to vacation by the beach. We read books, went to Disneyland, played puzzles with my parents, laid very still on the beach, slept until our eyes popped open (read: very late) and stared at each other. It was heavenly.

Best summer ever, right? What is your favorite memory from this summer?


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