Dear Life

Dallas, Texas
June 12, 2013

Dear Life,

Thank you for being unexpected and wild; exhausting and exhilarating.

Thank you for hot days and tank tops and burgers on the grill and cold drinks on the patio.

Thank you for the rain that falls and filters the air, making the whole world crisp and blue and green.

Thank you for a gentle breeze, the blowing leaves, and for soft grass under my feet.

Thank you for the little faces, the tiny toes, and small hands I get to hold.

Thank you for the smiles, the laughter, the loud voices I hear all around me. Thank you for the joy.

Thank you for the disappointments followed by the better thing I didn't know was there waiting.

Thank you for the slowing down, the intentional choice, the purposeful yes.

Dear life, thank you for the adventure.

Love always,


One of my favorite blogs, So Many Places, chronicles the journey of a gal who quit her day job to pursue a dream. Go check it out and read Kim's story. She recently wrote a post called Dear Life in which she thanks life for its many blessings. My post today is joining in on her pursuit of gratitude. I hope it becomes a habit! Will you join in too?


  1. Yes!

    Dear Life:
    Thank you for the spinning that has me close to nauseous. It reminds me that I am alive and well and able to move faster than my brain thinks is good for me.

    While my feet fly high in the air behind me, thank you for the grip that keeps me holding on - as tight as my finger tips possibly can – to the tiny ears of this painted horse. I will enjoy the wind caused by this whirling carousel. It is refreshing when compared with the alternative.

    Life, you can be mean and harsh. But I appreciate the lessons. They make the beauty of His wonder even more extraordinary.

    Peace. Carole

  2. This was really beautiful Michelle, thank you so much for sharing your truth.

    1. Thank you for reading, Hannah! I feel like I know you a little bit after reading about your adventures in India on the Rickshaw Run with Kim. Now I'm catching up on your blog to see what you've been doing since! Enjoy your journeying, and enjoy today. :)


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