1,000 words: Granada, Nicaragua

We're back!! Exhausted and happy. My favorite way to come home from an adventure.

Nicaragua was not what I expected. It was amazing and exciting and little scary, but not really in the ways I thought it would be. Nicaragua didn't go easy on us and didn't change herself to make us comfortable. She was raw and real and beautiful. The poverty in Nicaragua broke my heart. And the people stole it. But more on that later.

My mind is still reeling from the trip and the traveling, so until I can process it all, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the trip. There will be many stories to come!

The city we stayed in, Granada, was a photographer's dream. The bright walls and doors with intricate details were commonplace to Nicas, but stunning to me. A short, rattling ride outside town took us places even more stunning. The wild volcanoes that smelled of sulfur made my eyes go wide and sting. The lakes more clear than any I've seen mirrored the sky and made my mind wander away. And the overwhelming markets made my eyes go wide and sting for different reasons and carried me to a world I didn't know what to do with.

Granada from above.
The Cathedral in El Parque Central

The market. Holy raw meat, Batman.
Crater lake at Laguna de Apoyo

Hiking the Puma Trail on Volcano Mambacho


  1. Can't wait to read more ,, beautiful photos took by a beautiful couple....can't wait to see the next adventure....love you...


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