veterans day

I'm still not ready to talk about my Yoga fail. Don't ask.

I just can't let this day go by without showing some love to soldiers past and present on Veterans Day. I am so incredibly thankful that there are people in this world who would put the greater good above their own. I often doubt my ability to do so.

Many in my family have offered their service to this country, including both my grandfathers and my big brother. While they would have my respect and my love if they were all interior designers (although I'm thankful they're NOT), my heart bursts with greater pride because of their bravery and sacrifice. It has given more meaning to the small freedoms I enjoy every day.

Mom, big bro Matt, Dad
I hope we can all take this day to remember not only the success stories, but the sad ones as well. The reality is that war wreaks havoc on a person, physically and emotionally. And those are not marks that can always be healed quickly or completely. Many men and women are struggling desperately in this life as a direct result of their sacrifice for us. Remember that today and do whatever you can to thank the past and present soldiers in your life. You have no idea what they have experienced, and neither do I.

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans has posted these statistics and facts about veterans today. Here are the most staggering to me.

Who are homeless veterans?
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) states the nation’s homeless veterans are predominantly male, with roughly five percent being female. The majority of them are single; come from urban areas; and suffer from mental illness, alcohol and/or substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders. About one-third of the adult homeless population are veterans.

How many homeless veterans are there?
Although flawless counts are impossible to come by – the transient nature of homeless populations presents a major difficulty – VA estimates that 107,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Over the course of a year, approximately twice that many experience homelessness. Only eight percent of the general population can claim veteran status, but nearly one-fifth of the homeless population are veterans.

Don't forget about this group of men and women. They deserve and need our support!

On a more positive note, you must watch the video below at least 8 times. You might cry. I may have ruined my shirt.


  1. Waaaaa!!! I love you Chel and am so thankful that Matt has you for his sister. I am very, very blessed to be your mom.

  2. not all interior designers are gay!

  3. Wait. They're NOT?!

    I would just be concerned about what my house would look like if I let any of the guys in my fam have their way with it...

  4. Completely agree with you, Michelle! I have met those guys in your fam! Ha!! Creative? VERY! Interior designers? Not so much!

  5. Michelle, I am so glad I wasn't wearing makeup when I watched that video because I definitely was bawling like a baby! Hope you're doing well and we should grab coffee sometime! -Talia

  6. Michelle....I don't think I could make it through that video 8 times...could barely make it through the first watch! i just stumbled on to your blog tonight from FB and I just have to state a few facts:

    1. You are a wonderful writer, very eloquent and beautifully stated thoughts.
    2. I appreciate that you are willing to share what you are really passionate about and not just something to make us laugh...lets be real!!! Love it
    3. Thank you to your brother and other family that has/are serving, I have a few family members that served in wars and currently serving to protect our homeland security(though different than overseas) and you are right, we would be proud of them for doing anything...but there is something about this type of service that just makes you well up with pride and joy!

    I unfortunatly was wearing make-up when I watched that...but now I don't have to waste a use of my make-up remover tonight. Miss you tons...and you will probaly see me back here soon to read up some more!!!

    -Your Birthday twin, Kaylee


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