tan and white and orange all over

I have this weird thing. It's something I like to call Restless Life Syndrome. Yes, it is similar to Restless Leg Syndrome, an uncontrollable urge to move your legs - which I also happen to have, and which is currently flaring up at the very mention of it. Restless Life Syndrome is not a result of dissatisfaction or discontent with my life. It is simply a manifestation of my uncontrollable need for change. Like, all the time. I love change. It freaks me out, but I love it. So, about once a month, I need to change something in my life. Sometimes, it's my hair or wardrobe. Most times, it's my hobbies and my home decor. Which means I'm almost always in the middle of a project. And I'm almost always in over my head.

I'm pretty sure my husband adores my Restless Life Syndrome. Or maybe he hates it. I don't know. In more than a few (thousand) instances, I have ditched the tried-and-true and picked up a new 'thing' all willy nilly. Like painting, which is not so much a hobby as it is an artistic beat down for someone like me. Our house is littered with terrible paintings that, if they weren't mounted on my wall, you would probably assume a toddler had created. Or like Yoga, which, I think you may have gathered by now, did NOT work out. In any case, I tend to have a large and wildly-varying array of hobbies that have been explored to death until I completely lose interest in actually practicing them long-term. It's kind of my M.O. It's not something I'm proud of. It's something I've accepted.

Am I the ONLY one who does this? Please, someone tell me you're like me... It would really help me convince my husband I'm not from Crazy Town.

So, true to form, and because I haven't had enough to do... I decided to paint an accent wall in my living room. That was IT. But then I painted three walls. Then I changed the curtains. Then I painted my bathroom. (I'm almost ashamed to admit that I'm now painting it again because I don't like the first color.) Then I painted the other bathroom. Then I redecorated them both. And now I'm exhausted, but also kind of feeling like my kitchen doesn't really "go" with the rest of the house now... Living in my world is difficult some days, even for me.

But, more importantly, what do you think?!


and after!

Bathroom before...

and after!

the other bathroom before...

and after!

This is my husband. He's great. And patient. Especially when my hair-brained decorating idea leads us to find an enormous hole in our wall after peeling back the original bathroom mirror. 

And he has these really great, broad shoulders. See?

I love his face, too. His patient, long-suffering face.


  1. Well, of COURSE you know I adore the green! It all looks lovely, Chel.

  2. love, love, love painting my house new colors! and thank the Lord for gracious husbands that say "if you think it will look good babe..." haha, famous last words for Dave Meyers! that got him bright green kitchen cabinets, which happen to look spectactular, if I do say so myself! ;) at least Rob is a bit of a Handy Manny... if I break it (or discover a huge hole), I get to fix it too! guess that's why i keep getting power tools for my birthday.


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