what if?

In an effort to stop wasting our time in the evenings, my man and I have started turning off the TV (a GREAT first step, by the way) an hour early and spending some time together, and then with God. Both have been really great. I'm making an effort to be more diligent in studying two very important things to me, one being my husband.

And my iPhone is helping me do it. Naturally. I downloaded an app called "What if?" and R and I are going to spend some time in the evenings asking each other questions. We tried it out the other night and had some very weird conversations. Most of the time, the questions are ridiculous. All of the time, our answers were different.

Here are a few of our favorites. I suggest you ask your spouse or friends the same questions. And please tell me how it goes. I hope you have as much fun as we do.

"If you were suddenly transformed into a bee, and you had to sting one person, but then you would die, who would you sting?"
R (my man): I don't hate anyone so much that I would die just to inflict a little bit of pain on them.
M (me): I would sting you.
R: Thanks.
M: That way, at least you would be with me when I died.
R: Oh. That's sweet, I guess.

"If your family were on a sinking ship, who would you give the last life jacket to?"
R: You, of course.
M: Aww, thanks babe. I would give it to you, too. But then, I would hold on to you so I didn't drown. I couldn't support your weight if I had the life jacket, but you could probably support mine, so this is the best chance we have of both surviving.
R: I think you're missing the point.

"If you had to give one historical figure a back massage, which one would you pick?"
R: Umm...
M: I'm uncomfortable with this question.

"If you were planning the perfect date, what would it be?"
M: You wake me up REALLY early in the morning and have a bag packed for me (all of my favorite clothes, please). You drive us to the airport and, when we show up at our gate, I realize you're taking me to New York City! We would get there in the afternoon, just in time to check into our hotel and get dressed. Then we'd go to a Broadway show and then get dessert and drinks at a restaurant we'd never go to at home. Then we'd sit on a bench and people-watch, making up whimsical stories for everyone we see.
M: Your turn.
R: Um, we would go to a REALLY fancy hotel and then... you know. Then, we would have breakfast.

My husband and I are different. I already knew that. I just wanted to make sure you knew it, too. Now that that's settled...

What are some creative ways that you and your family spend time together?? I'm not sure how long this game will last, so I'm thinking we may need a backup plan.


  1. LOL
    I want to play your game, but I have to go play Mario Cart with your dad right now… :)


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