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My sister-in-law had her second baby boy this week! I could not be happier. She was three days beyond her due date - and, frankly, I was getting impatient. Fortunately, he called me up to Skype a few hours after he made his appearance, and we chatted for a bit. He is pink, squishy perfection. I can't wait to learn his personality and quirks and especially to kiss his chubby cheeks. If his big brother is any indication, they will be chubby.

All the waiting got me thinking about my other nieces and nephews and how much I completely adore them. It doesn't even make sense how much I love them. It really doesn't. There are few things in this world that make me happier than seeing their little faces and hearing their squeaky voices.

I get "the question" a lot. You know, the one that everyone asks couples who have been married for five minutes - or almost four years, in my case. "When are you having kids?" I never know what to say. I'm so excited to have kids. Someday. I'm not in a hurry, though. I was in a hurry to get married and rushed through some of my single years. I don't want to rush through the years I have with my man because I'm in a hurry to have kids. (Note: I'm not suggesting that people who have kids quickly after getting married are "rushing" into anything. I'm only talking about me and my family here. Please, go forth an multiply at your own pace.)

If I didn't have these five sweet, sweet munchkins already in my life, I'm sure it would make waiting for kids a lot harder. I need kids in my life. There is something so very centering and simple about their little hearts and minds that puts things into perspective. Plus, they demand that life will be fun. That's basically the sole purpose of their days at this point, and I think I can learn from that mentality. It's only when I'm with them that I make funny faces and run around for no reason and lay on the floor. What a shame. And what a gift to have a reminder that the way I go about my day often doesn't make any sense to a carefree kid. I'm not going to quit my job and eat Fruit Loops for a living, but I can certainly learn from their perspective.

I'm honestly a little afraid of having my own children. If I can love someone else's child this much, I'm in big trouble when it comes to my own. Yikes. But look at their faces. I mean, really. How could you not want to give them the whole world in a Dora the Explorer backpack?

I could spend all of my days making her laugh
and staring at her huge Disney princess eyes.

This child is so sweet and sensitive. I
want to snuggle with her. All. The. Time.

They never hesitate to wear the weird hats
aunt Michelle buys them...

This kid is snuggly and wild and such a boy. I don't
know about him, but I am NOT ready for Kindergarten.

And this one's smile... Be still my heart. I've never been
so desperate to see a kid's smile. It's like cocaine.

My sister- and brother-in-law and
their brand new baby boy. (Cheeks!)

I just love these little faces.


  1. Brings tears of joy and laughter...

  2. my thoughts exactly. ;) i think this year may be the year for me. i hope anyway. love your writing as usual. you are phenomenal.


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