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Restless Life Syndrome has struck again. After redecorating most of my house a few months ago, my kitchen was looking neglected. Or maybe I was bored. In any case, my new project started out as painting one wall - as most of my projects begin. It evolved into a full-blown redecoration project and oven and fridge deep-cleaning session.

Someday, I will have an actual camera to take better photos. Unless we strike oil in my backyard or win the lottery before my husband finishes school, these phone shots will have to do for now! Here is the finished product. What do you think?

Yes, my kitchen is this small.
I started out by painting that back wall a chocolate brown color so my birds would pop out a little more. We're still getting used to the color. My new rug was $20 at Target, by the way. The birds were also $20 at Target. Most of my possessions come from Target for $20 or less.

After painting the wall, I went looking for wildflowers to display in my jar collection. (Side note: Does anyone else collect jars? I feel like it's really grandmotherly of me, but I'm on a glass jar kick. They make really great, quirky vases for short-stemmed flowers like these. Most of mine are old salsa, spaghetti sauce or peanut butter jars.) 

I found some lavender bunches and paired them with some (fake) flowers to make several mini arrangements. It smells faintly of lavender in the room now, which is an incredibly calming scent. The kitchen happens to be an epicenter of anxiety for me and my bad cooking skills (that was bad, not mad), so I'm thrilled. My kitchen feels more natural, although most of what I prepare is made out of butter or peanut butter. 

These dish towels? $3 for three at
Target, thankyouverymuch. 

This is the new centerpiece on my dining table.
$5 at Hobby Lobby, thankyouverymuch.

After I finished in the kitchen, I had some leftover lavender, so I added to the small arrangement I had in our bathroom as well. 

I think I have to be done decorating for now... I've run out of space! We're planning on reviving our planter box this spring, so you bet I will be showing photos of my efforts, and likely begging for help as well. This is what happens to plants at my house:

It took 6 days to crush their spirit.

This one didn't even try to live.


  1. have I told you today how much I adore you?!?! and not just because you are my kindred spirit who likes to redecorate on the cheap... and repaint walls spontaneously... and thinks my kid's smile is addicting (which is entirely true - every day i am more hooked than the last!). you're just awesome b/c that's how God created you! :) can't wait to see you in a few weeks. ~g

  2. Darling!!!
    I love it. And you! :0)

  3. You are my kindred spirit, too! Except right now I am on a long-term hiatus from painting. After my Will's house, my mom's house, and our new house, I am SO over painting.

    LOVED the cute little touches. You know what can also feel nice? A trendy wreath (not grandmotherly...like with fake orchids or something) on your exterior door. It's delightful to see upon coming home. :)

    I'll call you soon... we are going to be in Ft Worth the weekend of April 1st for Heather's baby shower. Must get together! Love you!

  4. haha my Will, as opposed to your Will? eek typo

  5. i have chocolate brown in my house too!


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